B&B ARMR B&B Roadway and Security Solutions

Vertical Pivot Gate



The B&B ARMR Vertical Pivot Gate operators are designed for application where space limitations restrict the use of sliding or swinging gates. VP series gates are designed for high-cycle applications where continuous duty is essential. Our unique chassis design accommodates a wide range of panel types and sizes, ranging from ornamental barrier arms to full-size gate leafs. B&B can custom-fabricate any style gate arm or panel to suit any application such as military bases, government facilities, or commercial and industrial installations.


The B&B Vertical Pivot 2 (VP2) gate incorporates the robust design features of the standard VP gate, yet in a smaller package.  Both the VP and VP2 gate systems provide superior gate control in a package that allows a minimum footprint.


  • Unique design eliminates the need for tension springs and cables
  • Continuous-duty operation
  • Single-phase or three-phase continuous-duty TEFC motor
  • Positive hydraulic locking in open and closed positions
  • Safe 24V control circuitry standard
  • Designed for simple installation and maintenance routines

Optional Features

Hand Held Push Button Std
Fully UP/DOWN Limits Std
Master and Remote Control Panel Option
Custom Gate Panels Option
Inherent Safety Features Std
Battery Backup Option
Master/Slave Feature Std
Built-in 3-Button Controls Std
On-board Diagnostics Std
Display Screen 4x12 LCD
User Inputs/Outputs 8/3
Expandable Inputs/Outputs 4/4
Soft Start/Stop Option
Heater/Thermostat Option