B&B ARMR B&B Roadway and Security Solutions

Model 850 Portable Barrier



B&B ARMR’s Portable Barrier has been fully tested by an independent testing facility and certified by U.S. Department of Defense. The electro-hydraulic version of the Model 850 Portable Barrier utilizes standard relay logic which will allow the control of the barrier with the supplied up/down push button control station. Custom panels with locking features, indicator lights and custom graphics are also available as an option.


B&B ARMR’s Model 850 Portable Barrier is designed to be rapidly deployed in an emergency situation and fully operational within 15 minutes. With a crash rating of K4, the portable barrier presents a formidable deterrent capable of stopping a 15,000 pound (6804 kg) vehicle traveling at 30 mph (48 km/h).


The barrier may be towed into position using a truck, and, once in place, the barrier is lowered into position with built-in jacks. With a clear opening of 12 feet, B&B ARMR’s Model 850 Portable Barrier serves as an instant road block for event control or areas where foundation work cannot be done. On unpaved or uneven road surfaces, the stabilizers on the back side of the unit serve as additional reinforcement, and to further increase the stopping capacity of Model 850, optional jersey barriers maybe used in place of the stabilizers.


Model 850 Portable Barriers provide a high level of security for permanent and temporary applications at institutions such as military bases, government facilities, or commercial and industrial installations.


  • K4 rating
  • Hydraulic and manual operation
  • Custom barrier designs available
  • No excavation needed
  • Fully operational within 15 minutes/Simple relocation with minimal effort/Towable design
  • Long-term durability
  • DC powered system available

Optional Features

Feature 850
Hand Held Push Button Std
Limit Switches Std
Master and Remote Control Panel Option
Manual Operation Option
Spare Tire Assembly Option
Battery back Up (12 & 24 vdc) Option
Solar Panel Battery Charging Kit Option
Safety IR Beams Option
Traffic Lights Option
2 5/8" Ball Hitch Option
Tow Light Kit Option
Removable Hitch Assembly Option
Surface Mount Design Option