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Model 730 Beam Gate



B&B ARMR's Beam Barriers are engineered and designed for facilities requiring a high level of perimeter protection with traffic flow. The Model 730 is ideally suited for government and military establishments as well as commercial and industrial facilities.


The Model 730 is the perfect solution for installations where sliding or swinging gates are impractical due to terrain or roadway obstructions. The Model 730 is designed to transmit the energy of the impacting vehicle to the foundation. As with many of our products, the barrier is available with a superior zinc rust inhibitor and finished with paint allowing for superior corrosion protection.


The barrier arm can be operated manually or by an external hydraulic pumping unit and uses a standard or custom controller to meet the user's requirements.  The 730 barrier is available in sizes ranging from 12 feet (3.66 m) wide to 18 feet (5.50 m) wide.


B&B ARMR's Beam Barriers have been successfully crash tested and certified for energy absorption capacity per U.S. Department of State and are individually inspected at the time of final assembly.


  • DOS Certified K4 Rating
  • Hydraulic and manual operation
  • Custom designs available
  • Low maintenance
  • Ease of installation and integration
  • Long-term durability

Optional Features

Feature 730 730M
Limit Switch Std -
Hydraulic Operation Std -
Loop Detector Option -
Master and Remote Control Panel Option -
Stanchion Heater Option Option
Traffic Light with Pole Option -
LED Flasher Light Kit Option -
Manual Hand Crank Std Std