B&B ARMR B&B Roadway and Security Solutions

Model 700 Series Drop Arm Gates



When the crash cable gate is hit by a vehicle, the aluminum arm gives way to the cable inside, and the impact energy is absorbed as the cable stretches. When the cable is at full tension, the impact energy is then transferred to the foundation though the hinge post and the receiver/latch post of the crash beam.


B&B ARMR’s Crash Beam Barriers are available with several enhancement options to easily adapt to suit any user’s needs. For extremely cold weather, the receiver/latch post may be equipped with a heater for uninterruptible operation or an electromagnetic lock can be installed for additional security during unattended times. Manual unit, Model 714, may be raised and lowered by one person without the use of counter weights, and Model 712-P is a portable vehicle barrier designed for fast installation in areas where a permanent barrier in not available.


  • Crash tested per US Navy and Department of the Army Specifications
  • Hydraulic, manual, or electromechanical operation
  • Custom gate sizes available
  • Long-term durability
  • Cost effective solution
  • Ease of installation and integration
  • Continuous duty operation

Optional Features

Feature 712 714
Limit Switch Std -
Crank for Manual Operation Std Option
Loop Detector Std -
Master and Remote Control Panel Option -
Upgraded HPU Option -
Magnetic Lock Option Option
Stanchion Heater Option Option
Traffic Light with Pole Option -