B&B ARMR B&B Roadway and Security Solutions


B&B ARMR takes pride in providing our customers with superior perimeter security products to meet or exceed project requirements. Our focus on quality products, customer service and customer support continues to be the distinguishing features that continue to form the foundation of our growing business. Quality perimeter security products are critical to a facility's overall security solution.
B&B ARMR not only has an extensive line of crash rated solutions, but has also built its company infrastructure and business processes to support the custom application requirements many facilities require.
For further information on how B&B ARMR and B&B Roadway and Security Solutions can provide customized, cost-effective crash rated barriers and traffic control solutions, call us at 800-367-0387.

Wedge Barriers

Model 828 Shallow Mount M50-P1 Barrier

Model 833 Ultra-Shallow Mount M30-P1 Barrier

Model 820 Shallow Mount Barrier

Wedge barrier products provide their stopping capability utilizing a plate structure that is held at an angle to the ground. The structure is designed to "wedge" the energy
of the impact into the ground.


Cantilever Sliding Barriers

Model 400 Cantilever Sliding Gate

Model 450 Cantilever Sliding Gate

Cantilever sliding gates and barriers provide a horizontal gate solution that does not disturb the existing road surface. These products are excellent where large clear openings need to be covered with no roadway modification.

Drop Arm Barriers

Model 773 M30 Drop Arm

Model 775 M50 Drop Arm

Model 712 Cable Gate Arm

Model CR25 Cable Gate Arm

Model 730 Gate Beam

Crash gates and beams provide a solution where there is limited space on either side of the roadway.


BCHx: Fixed, High-Speed, Crash Rated

BCLx: Fixed, Low-Speed, Shallow-Mount, Crash Rated

BNSx: Fixed, Non-certified

BNRx: Removable, Non-certified

Model B30 Bollard

Bollards provide an aesthetic solution when vehicular protection is required with minimal obstruction to pedestrian traffic.

Surface Mount Barriers

Model 890 Surface Mount Barrier

Surface mount barriers dissipate the crash energy through bolts that are secured to the existing roadway surface. These barriers are often self contained and can be located
in areas where excavation is not desired.

Portable Barrier

Model 850 Portable Barrier

Model 910 Portable Barrier

Portable barriers provide a solution to enable movement of  a barrier to multiple locations. These barriers are used where temporary security may be required and are redeployed with minimum effort.

Vertical Pivot Gates

Model VP Vertical Pivot Gate

Vertical pivot gates provide a non-crash rated solution for perimeter entry points where a pedestrian fence is required yet space for a sliding gate is not available.

Gate Operators

Model LXL

B&B ARMR’s LXL Series Hydraulic Slide Gate Operators are designed for consistent and dependable operation of all styles of sliding gates in a variety of high cycle applications.